Survey Results

During the 1991 comprehensive planning process, the Planning Commission conducted a survey in order to get a sense of how the people of Scott County saw their community then and what they wanted from it in the future. Throughout the last quarter of 2015, the Planning Commission conducted a similar survey that would help those involved in the comprehensive planning process understand better how priorities have changed or stayed the same. This page depicts the results of both of those surveys.

Community Image

How important or unimportant are the following to you as far as what you personally value in a community?
Would you give your community an excellent, very good, good, or less than satisfactory rating on these items?

Community Issues & Priorities

Would you say, in terms of overall community priorities, that the following are extremely important and require immediate action, very important but not critical, or of moderate importance compared to other community issues?
Would you favor/oppose architectural/building standards for new commercial development for the following?

Attitudes about Growth

What is your opinion about how the zoning on Scott County's prime farm land should be handled in the future?

Encouraging growth

Thinking only about the specific part of the county in which you live, in the future should your local elected officials take action to encourage growth in your part of the country at a:
Now thinking of the whole county, in the future should your elected officials take actions to encourage growth in the whole county at a:
The greenbelt along the southern limits of the city of Georgetown creates a boundary between the urban area of Georgetown and the rural area of southern Scott County, preventing sprawl. Which of the following most closely matches your feelings regarding the greenbelt?

The greenbelt provides a buffer between (sub)urban Georgetown and rural Scott County.
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Would you favor or oppose incentives for the following activities related to the development of Scott County?
Regardless of how your feel about growth in general, if your local elected officials wanted to stimulate growth and create more jobs in your county, would you personally facor or oppose each of the following actions?
Current state law permits local governments to establish special taxing districts where tax money is raised for a specific purpose. Here is a list of projects that are eligible for special tax district funding. Would you favor/oppose a special taxing district if new taxes were used for the following?
What are some of the places, buildings, or areas that you feel most contribute to the character of your community or that you find unique special or interesting?
How important is it to you or for your community to preserve the following buildings or structures so they are not lost during development?



July Meeting

Date: Jul 20, 2016


In this meeting of the Agriculture & Environment subcommittee we looked at minimum lot size as well as rural residential and agricultural subdicision regulations.



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