Human Services & Community Building

Monthly Meeting:
Fourth Thursday | 5:00 - 7:00pm
Development Services
230 E Main St, Georgetown, KY
Kandice Whitehouse
Staff Lead:
Megan Chan
Additional Staff:
  • Matt Summers
  • John Carter
Vision Statement:

Scott County is a community based upon values and respect for all and benefits from high quality of life, accessible public services, and collaborative community partnerships. Our community supports resources to improve equity and access for everyone. Community members have diverse and welcoming locations and opportunities to work, gather, play and learn together, and support each other in times of need. Affordable housing is available, accessible, and kept in good condition. Low-Income, homeless, and disabled individuals have access to housing, food, and workforce training.

Fundamental Principles:
  • All Scott County citizens should have access to a high standard of living and human services, including but not limited to: arts and cultural enrichment opportunities, quality housing, shelter, public transportation, food, health care, education, employment, and senior care.
  • All Scott Countians should have safe and sanitary housing to meet the needs of a diverse population with varying income levels, household size and type, and special housing needs.
  • The community values its numerous “Quality of Life Partnerships,” which promote and nurture strong, diverse, and safe environments where people have opportunities for cross-neighborhood interaction.
  • Scott Countians should have access to quality education and workforce development opportunities throughout their lifetime.
  • Funding for partnerships and opportunities comes from a variety of sources, i.e., city, county, college, private business and industry, and participants in the many activities.
  • Every citizen should have access to artistic, cultural, educational, financial, health and wellness, and parks and recreational programs.

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August Meeting

July Meeting

Date: Jul 28, 2016


In this meeting of the Human Services and Community Building sub-committee we reviewed draft goals and action items from other sub-committees.



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