Heritage & Urban Form

Monthly Meeting:
Third Thursday | 5:00 - 7:00pm
Development Services
230 E Main St, Georgetown, KY
Polly Singer Eardley
Staff Lead:
Megan Chan
Additional Staff:
  • Joe Kane
  • Mary Somerville
  • Ryan Cooper
Vision Statement:

Scott County is a vibrant community that welcomes new residents, visitors, and businesses while retaining its small-town charm, rich culture, and heritage. Pride is apparent in our commitment to an urban form that reflects preservation, human-scaled design, aesthetic appeal, and dynamic civic spaces.

Fundamental Principles:
  • Local heritage is an asset to the community; our heritage includes cultural resources and knowledge, history, traditions, historic buildings, and historic sites.
  • Maintenance and preservation of historic districts, sites, and structures helps retain our local culture and heritage.
  • New construction and renovation should complement the existing character and form of its surroundings. Quality materials, craftsmanship, and consistent design add value to the community as a whole.
  • Downtowns play a major role in our cultural identity, local governance, and economic activity. Care should be given to retain and enhance our downtown buildings, public spaces, corridors, and gateways.
  • Our community is designed for all, with consideration for aesthetics, accessibility, and design at the human-scale. Design with these characteristics in mind enhances user experience.

Meeting Resources

August Meeting

Date: Aug 18, 2016


In this meeting of the Heritage & Urban Form subcommittee discussed corridor/road rehab guidelines, our cultural resources, and locations for public art.



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