Agriculture & Environment

Monthly Meeting:
Third Wednesday | 5:00 - 7:00pm
Development Services
230 E Main St, Georgetown, KY
Claude Christensen
Staff Lead:
Matt Summers
Additional Staff:
  • Joe Kane
  • Whitley Wolfe
  • Perry Johnston
Vision Statement:

Agriculture and environmental protection provide Scott County with a sustainable and vibrant future. Prime farmland and environmentally sensitive areas are protected and preserved from sprawl and development. Scott County agricultural areas provide access to locally grown and produced goods. Recycling, re-use, and composting reduce waste and demand on natural resources.

Fundamental Principles:
  • Development outside of the urban service boundaries should be at a scale appropriate for the density and character of the rural landscape.
  • Water quality can be affected by all land use and development activities. Water 99resources are interconnected with all other aspects of the environment and are important aspects of land use and development and review.
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas include: creek conservation corridors, property zoned C-1, minor waterways, Scott County reservoir protection area, aquifer recharge area, wetlands, significant trees and fence rows, steep slopes and clay soils, sinkholes, cave areas, major rock formations and outcroppings, springs, floodplains/floodways, landfills/refuse areas, prime farmlands, significant natural habitats for plants and animals, and scenic and historic rural resources.
  • Royal Spring Aquifer requires special protection as it directly provides drinking water and water for agricultural production.

Meeting Resources

August Meeting

Date: Aug 17, 2016


In this meeting of the Agriculture & Environment subcommittee we worked to define Creek Conservation Corridors, examined conditional use permit limitations, and discussed cell towers



July Meeting

Date: Jul 20, 2016


In this meeting of the Agriculture & Environment subcommittee we looked at minimum lot size as well as rural residential and agricultural subdicision regulations.



June Meeting

April Meeting

March Meeting

February Meeting

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